Sharing our Journeys

Would be pretty hypocritical of me to broadcast the importance of talking about mental illness – and not actually talk about my own personal journey!

And with that I introduce “Sharing our Journeys”. Every other weekly post will be about my own journey with mental illness as well as the stories of others.

I like using the word “journey” because it better symbolizes how illness and recovery are an ongoing story.  For myself, I find I need to continually push myself to learn more about my inner workings, challenge the current normal and try to be kinder and more genuine to who I truly am.  And this is means a lifetime of ups and downs. 

What’s the difference between vulnerability and over sharing.  There is such a negative connotation to oversharing, which can be when people provide way too much personal information with no relationship or trust built.  It almost feels like by oversharing they violated your boundaries.  These posts will be more about sharing vulnerability. It takes a ton of strength and courage to be vulnerable with the world.  Especially in our new social media censored world, being authentic and open in a world where perfection is the gold standard and vulnerability feels like weakness is exceptionally challenging.  

If this type of post is not for you, no worries! I will continue to have posts every other week with resources and skill building tools for helping those around you with their mental health. 

One last side note, I n my own effort to honour and respect people’s stories (as well as my own) all the comments will be monitored and approved by myself before showing online.  Please trust that this is not an effort to stop critical thinking, but more so to ensure that Molly & Rua stays an encouraging and helpful resource for everyone.  Please feel free to email me directly if you have questions or concerns with this 🙂

And with all that said, I am very excited for you to learn more about the inner minds of others and their incredible journeys!  Join us next week for a post on goal setting with a downloadable worksheet and then the week after that (Sept 5) will be our first post on Sharing our Journey with my story. 

All the best!


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